2018 Kia Certified Pre-Owned Cars & SUVs

Why Kia Certified Pre-Owned?

Certified Kia Dealership Near You

Many customers visit our Kia dealership near you looking for reliable used cars. Family Kia only sells pre-owned vehicles that have been determined to be in excellent condition and safe to drive. However, if you are looking for a used car that will include a manufacturer warranty, have you considered investing in a certified used Kia? Certified pre-owned Kia vehicles are used Kia cars that have been hand-selected by the manufacturer for certification.

Family Kia boasts a tremendous inventory of these sought after Kia certified pre-owned cars. If you love the idea of saving serious money by buying a used car, but also desire the benefit of a manufacturer warranty, certified pre-owned Kia cars are a great option. Customers interested in minimizing the risks that accompany purchasing any used car will love our inventory of certified used Kia. But how is a car chosen to become a Kia certified pre-owned vehicle? Since the manufacturer is vouching for the condition of the vehicle, there are strict criteria for qualification.

To Become Kia Certified:

  • The vehicle being considered for the prestigious Kia CPO program must be 5 years old or less.
    Older vehicles do not qualify to become Kia certified pre-owned vehicles. This ensures that all certified pre-owned Kia cars are late model.


  • The vehicle in question must also not exceed the maximum number of miles on its odometer.
    Every manufacturer sets its own maximum mileage permitted for CPO consideration. For Kia vehicles, cars with over 60,000 miles are disqualified.


  • After the Kia vehicle is deemed eligible for consideration, an inspection is conducted.
    This inspection is incredibly in-depth, covering every aspect of the vehicle. With over 150 individual points of inspection, the car will be thoroughly examined from top to bottom. This inspection covers the way that the car performs on the road, emissions generated, and every component of the engine. It will ensure that the transmission is functioning perfectly, as well as cover steering and suspension.
    • Cooling, exhaust, and fuel systems will all be intensively examined for any potential problems.
    • The braking and electrical systems will be inspected, along with the heating and A/C.
    • Finally, the exterior and interior of the car will be covered, to make sure that it is in perfect condition. If any issues are discovered during this inspection, they will be repaired before the vehicle becomes a Kia certified pre-owned car.

Clearly, after that intensive inspection, all certified pre-owned Kia cars are in excellent shape. When you invest in a certified pre-owned vehicle, you will be getting more than just a really great used car.

Protection & Warranty

Certified pre-owned Kia vehicles include a complete CARFAX® vehicle history report. When you buy a certified model at our Kia dealership near you, you'll be able to read about your car's entire history. This includes all ownership and service records. You will also benefit from the famous Kia certified pre-owned warranty. The Kia certified pre-owned warranty is considered to be one of the very best in the entire industry.

You will enjoy a 10 year / 100,000 mile powertrain coverage, beginning from the original purchase date. That's the same warranty that Kia extends to its brand new models. This warranty is also totally transferable if you should need to sell your CPO Kia before it has expired. You will also receive a fantastic 12 month or 12,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty coverage. This will let you drive with confidence for your first year, knowing that Kia has you covered. Certified pre-owned drivers will also benefit from 24/7 roadside assistance during the lifespan of the warranty. These amenities rival the new car warranties offered by many other manufacturers. If you are looking for a used car at our Kia dealership, the peace of mind offered by a certified pre-owned model cannot be beaten. Kia is already leading the industry for reliability, so why not take advantage of a certified pre-owned model at our Kia dealership near you?

Find Your Kia Certified Pre-Owned Car with Us!

When you decide that the time is right to begin shopping for your next certified Kia car, visit our certified Kia dealership near you. Family Kia carries a spectacular inventory of these hand-curated used cars at our dealership. If you live near St. Augustine, you will want to find a free afternoon to pay Family Kia a visit in person.

From the moment that you enter our Kia dealership, you will be assisted by our enthusiastic sales team. They can serve as your advisors as you shop our certified Kia dealership near you. Finding the ideal certified pre-owned vehicle isn't difficult when you work with the team at Family Kia. We help customers choose certified used cars that make sense for their lifestyles and budget. With such an outstanding selection of certified pre-owned vehicles available, it's easy to find a model that you love.

Kia produces a highly diverse lineup of dependable and attractive vehicles for every type of customer. If you live outside of St. Augustine, you don't have to wait until you can visit to start shopping at our certified Kia dealership. Family Kia lists all of our certified pre-owned vehicles right on our dealership's website. Our virtual showroom will display every available model at our dealership online for your convenience. Whether you are shopping for a certified pre-owned hybrid car or a certified SUV, you will find many exciting options on the Family Kia website. If there is a particular model that you are interested in, it's easy to search our virtual showroom to find exactly what you want. Our virtual showroom is also a nifty resource to compare the specs of different models.

Once you see a certified pre-owned vehicle that captures your attention, you will want to schedule your test drive at Family Kia. You can schedule test drives online, directly from the vehicle's listing. Customers may also call our sales team directly to arrange their test drive at our Kia dealership. The team at Family Kia looks forward to serving you!


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