front left view of silver kia sportage

New technology on the 2020 Kia Sportage 

The Kia Sportage has really made a name for itself in the realm of crossover SUVs. The 2020 model isn’t out yet, but we have received some information that it will be coming with some pretty nice additions, primarily on the technological front. Modern technology is more important now than ever when it comes to our vehicles, so let’ see how the 2020 Sportage is geared for the future.  Read the rest of this entry >>

front left view of red kia stinger driving

2019 Kia Stinger safety features 

The Kia Stinger debuted last year and it was an instant sensation. We had not ever seen anything like it from Kia before. The Stinger is undoubtedly built for speed and style. It has the most powerful engine available in the Kia lineup, but what about its safety? Driving safety should be at the top of every driver’s priority list, especially when it comes to exceptionally fast and potent cars. Keep reading to learn more about the safety features included on the 2019 Kia Stinger.  Read the rest of this entry >>

man in blue suit holding keys

How can I save money on a rental car? 

The ability to rent a car provides us with a convenient way to get around town when you’re away from home. Think about it; you can’t exactly pack up your car when you fly to another destination. Unless you plan on walking everywhere or calling an Uber every time you have to go somewhere, a rental car is your best option. Check out a few ways you can save money on your next rental car.  Read the rest of this entry >>

right side view of burnt orange kia sportage

2019 Kia Sportage exterior paint color options 

What is the first thing most people probably notice about any given vehicle? The color! Whether you realize it or not, you take a mental note of the color of any car you see. Some colors stand out more than others, of course, but the paint color of your vehicle is something you should really think about. Do you want something flashy? Something subtle? Well, the 2019 Kia Sportage comes with a nice variety of paint color options. Check them out below!  Read the rest of this entry >>