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Kia Stinger's 3.3-Liter Twin-Turbo V6 engine

Kia Parts Near You

Kia Parts Department

Is your Kia vehicle in need of some work to get back in top driving shape? Are you looking for genuine Kia parts near you to use in the maintenance and repair of your Kia vehicle? Are you having trouble finding the time to give your Kia vehicle the care and maintenance that it needs? Then you should visit Family Kia and our Kia dealerships near you, where we can help you get the service and the Kia OEM parts that you need. Family Kia and our Kia dealers near you are far different from our average Kia dealership, both in our attitude and in the things that we can offer. At Family Kia and our Kia dealers near you, we want to do more than simply sell you a new or used Kia vehicle for sale. We want to help you with all your automotive needs, including your vehicles need for service and repairs. With the help of our Kia Parts Department near you, we can make it easy for drivers such as yourself to get ahold of the Kia parts near you that your Kia needs. Family Kia and our dealers near you have been providing drives with professional Kia service and Kia car parts for many years, all in addition to our great deals and our many Kias for sale. You can feel confident when coming to Family Kia, knowing that we can help you easily get the Kia parts near you and the professional Kia service that you need. When it comes to our Kia OEM parts and service, drivers will also find excellent affordability. Our Kia parts coupons and Kia service coupons make it easy to fit the parts and services that you need into your budget. Visit Family Kia and our Kia Parts Department and Service Center near you to see how we are able to assist you.

At Family Kia and our Kia dealers near you, we make it easy and convenient to get what you need. With Family Kia and our Kia dealers near you, drivers can even order Kia parts online by using our user-friendly website. You will not even need to leave your own home to get the Kia parts near you that you need. Family Kia also makes it easy to schedule the service you need on a day and time that works with your schedule, taking a lot of stress out of giving your vehicle the care it needs. Drivers can give Family Kia a call or schedule a service appointment via our website to easily set up an appointment for service, repairs, and maintenance. We will be happy to help get your Kia vehicle back into the top driving shape.

With our Kia Parts Coupons and our many Kia OEM parts, Family Kia and our dealers near you are certain to have everything that you need. When you need to take care of your vehicle, Family Kia and our Kia Service Center near you are where you need to be. 

Kia Lease

Kia Lease Specials Florida

Kia Lease Deals Near You

If you are struggling to find the Kia lease specials Florida and deals that you need, we are here to assist you. Kia Motor Finance makes it easy for us to provide a fantastic chance to get the new Kia vehicle for sale that you long for. Our office offers flexible hours, Monday to Saturday, giving you plenty of time to stop by or call. We would love to discuss all the various details of our Kia lease deals near you. If you are feeling uncomfortable about discussing your budget in person, you can always call us. We treat our customers with the respect and care they deserve, no matter how they wish to proceed with the car buying process. We know that every driver’s situation is different. If you can not seem to find the time to stop in, you can easily find our credit applications on our website. They can then be pre-approved swiftly. We love discovering opportunities for our customers to take advantage of our Kia lease specials Florida.

Our Kia Finance staff will be happy to show you wat Kia Motor Finance can do for you.

Are you struggling to find a variety of new Kia cars for sale that hold your interest? Looking around your area for new and used vehicles you want for deals you can afford can be difficult to do. We want to keep auto financing easy and simple and offer plenty of great vehicles. Visit Family Kia in St. Augustine, FL, and let us help you on your journey for a great vehicle and a great Kia lease deal near you. We will be ecstatic to help you lease a Kia Optima for sale or another model of Kia vehicle for sale. Even though it seems like a long, drawn-out process to find Kia Sportage lease deals and offers, we will make it feel easy and fast. Our team of automotive finance experts offer years of expertise and knowledge when assisting our customers. You can relax with the knowledge that you are in good hands when shopping with our dealers near you. Whether you need help finding Kia lease specials Florida or you have just started your search for a vehicle, Family Kia is here to help.

Our Family Kia and our Kia dealers near you, you could get your dream car. We have a ton of amazing Kia vehicles for sale to explore, from the Kia Optima for sale to the Kia Sportage for sale and even more. We feel certain that we have the incredible Kia vehicle for sale that will easily fulfill your automotive wants and needs. From models with fuel efficiency to models that offer excellent performance, there are plenty of amazing vehicles to explore! Our Kia lease deals near you, and our variety of Kia cars for sale will easily help you get back on the road again. You can always call us or stop by to schedule any vehicle that you think would work well for you. Family Kia is ready to give you the best vehicle options.

Service Coupons for Kia Repairs

technician checking engine oil

Kia Service Special

Are you trying to save a little money every time that you take your vehicle in for maintenance? Is it difficult to find a third-party repair company that offers you savings and quality work? We have an answer for you. If you want your Kia to be kept in it’s excellent condition, why not bring it to people who built it? At Family Kia in St. Augustine, we have a Kia dealer service team that is ready to work hard for you. Without a doubt, you will be able to gain peace of mind and save money! As your local dealership, we pride ourselves on having fast, factory service that is well priced. We are known for having an experienced service team that is willing to go the extra mile to serve you. We also constantly offer Kia Service Coupons to help with the out-of-pocket costs.

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Servicing Kia Car

person waxing the hood of a car

Kia Service Center

For most customers that come to Family Kia, their vehicle is one of their most valuable items. The simplest way for you to make sure that your car keeps in the best condition is through routine maintenance. You will receive the highest quality customer service when you choose to make an appointment at our Kia Service Center. The Alliance Kia Dealership team that we have hosted a professional service that is award-winning. We have ranked #1 in customer satisfaction. Our Kia service near you is run by master trained technicians at the top in their field. Because of the brand’s commitment to advancing technology in all Kia vehicles, our technicians’ skills are constantly evolving. We use that knowledge and professional experience to take care of you and your vehicles.

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Why Buy Kia Certified Vehicles

person checking a car's tire pressure

Kia Certified Pre-Owned

When you are looking for high-quality used cars, we want to turn your attention to Kia CPO cars. At Family Kia, we believe in setting you up with vehicles that will be safe and reliable. That’s why we offer an amazing selection of Kia Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicles. Each car in this part of our inventory goes through a rigorous 164-point inspection before we offer it to our customers. This way, we can make sure that it meets the Kia standards to provide you with a quality, factory-backed vehicle.

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Kia Car Service and Repair

person adding more engine coolant to a car

St. Augustine Car Dealers

When you are in the market for St. Augustine car dealers that will help you take care of your vehicle, come to Family Kia. We have been trusted by families in this area for servicing and repairing their vehicles for years now. As the Kia service center near you, we offer you peace of mind because you know that your car is protected. An average automobile can cost a significant amount, and we understand that it is an investment. That element can put customers in a tough position because they need to choose someone to rely on. Family Kia provides a high level of technical training, state of the art OEM equipment, and factory specified manufacturer parts. As your Kia dealership, we spend a considerable amount of our budget on continuous training. We do this to ensure that our technicians are up-to-date on the newest complex vehicles. Only Kia dealership teams are able to attend Kia Factory training, and that is why our Technicians are Master Certified.

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closeup of tire tread

Where can I get new tires for my Kia near Jacksonville FL?

Tires are obviously important and you should do everything you can to take care of them. That includes getting them rotated, balanced, checking the PSI levels, and getting your wheels aligned. Eventually, though, you will need to get new tires. Your tires are especially vulnerable, and they wear down faster than most other parts of your car. Learn more about our tire services below.  Read the rest of this entry >>