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Kia Motor Finance

After you find the model of your dreams in the Family Kia showroom, you will likely be very eager to drive your new vehicle home. However, before you can drive off into the sunset in your brand new Kia, you will need to visit our Kia finance department. Whether you are planning to apply for Kia Motor finance, or you are thinking about leasing your next ride, the financial team at Family Kia can help. Our financial services department has spent years working with our customers to help them get the most favorable terms possible. If you are considering getting into a Kia lease deal, you will want to make sure that you understand how leasing is different from a loan. For many customers at our Kia dealership in Florida, a lease deal near you can be a wonderful way to drive a new Kia every few years. If you aren’t planning on keeping your vehicle for more than a few years, a Kia lease deal near you may be a great solution. Customers who lease their vehicles won’t need to worry about making a permanent commitment to the model. You will be able to enjoy driving a new Kia for the first several years of its life. Our Kia finance team can help you decide if leasing is a good fit for your lifestyle or not. If you do plan to drive your vehicle for a long time, your situation may be better suited towards applying for Kia Motor finance.

Another reason why customers are drawn to lease deals near you is the outstanding warranty coverage. When you enter into a Kia lease deal, you will be able to stay under manufacturer warranty through the duration of your lease. Unlike owning a vehicle outright, you won’t be left responsible for a large repair bill in the event of mechanical failure. Payments on a Kia lease deal near you are also usually less expensive than auto loan payments on the same model. For customers who need to adhere to a strict budget, the predictability of a lease payment can be invaluable. However, at the end of your lease, you won’t own your vehicle. If it is important that you build equity in your car, leasing probably won’t be a very good option for you. Customers who wish to eventually own their vehicles will want to apply for Kia Motor finance at the Family Kia financial services center. Our friendly team of finance professionals work to make applying for Kia finance as easy as possible. If you are interested in applying for your auto loan, Family Kia will be happy to help. Customers may apply for their auto financing in person at our Kia finance center near you. Our financial services team will be on site to field any questions that you may have over the Kia Motor finance application. You can also choose to apply for your next auto loan from the Family Kia website. After our team has had the chance to review your application, they will reach out with more information.