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2019 kia optima front row detail

Kia Optima For Sale Near Me

St Augustine Car Dealer

Do you feel like it has grown difficult and frustrating to shop for great new and used Kia cars for sale near you, such as the Kia Optima for sale? Would you like to shop with a St Augustine car dealer near you that can help you have a much easier time shopping for the Kia cars for sale that you want? You can easily put an end to your struggles and frustration by choosing to shop with Family Kia and our local St Augustine car dealer near you. When you choose to shop with Family Kia and our local St Augustine car dealer near you, you are sure to be pleased with the high level of customer service and amazing vehicles we offer. Visit our website or stop by our friendly Kia dealers in your area today, and we will be happy to assist with your automotive needs.

At Family Kia and our St Augustine car dealer, we work hard to provide our loyal customers with a quality automotive shopping experience that they can enjoy. We want to take out the stress and frustration of car shopping and give drivers like you an easier time shopping for the Kia cars for sale you want. One way in which we strive to make shopping for a vehicle easier for drivers is by offering a huge selection of different models of Kia cars for sale. We have a plethora of different Kia cars for sale, SUVs for sale, minivans for sale, and more, which is why we are confident that we have a vehicle that suits you.

At Family Kia, it will be very easy to see all of the different kinds of amazing vehicles for sale that we can offer. Our stunning array of different Kia cars for sale can help you quickly zone in on the ones that of interest to you and suit your needs.

The Kia Optima for sale is one model of Kia car for sale that is incredibly popular with drivers all over the nation and has been a staple model of the Kia brand for many years. There is a lot of variety to enjoy with the Kia Optima for sale, as it is able to boast a wide range of very attractive Kia Optima colors and more. There are several different Kia Optima trim levels to explore as well, each with its own variety of unique things to offer you. The Kia Optima for sale features a sleek and very smooth looking body design that is both attractive and pleasing to the eye without appearing gaudy. The Kia Optima for sale is also respected by many drivers thanks to the incredible performance it offers, as well as its smooth handling. Drivers of the Kia Optima for sale will also be able to enjoy a wide array of very desirable features and other options.

See what other amazing Kia cars for sale and more we can offer you, and try one out on a test drive today and experience them for yourself!

Kia Lease

Kia Lease Specials Florida

Kia Lease Deals Near You

If you are struggling to find the Kia lease specials Florida and deals that you need, we are here to assist you. Kia Motor Finance makes it easy for us to provide a fantastic chance to get the new Kia vehicle for sale that you long for. Our office offers flexible hours, Monday to Saturday, giving you plenty of time to stop by or call. We would love to discuss all the various details of our Kia lease deals near you. If you are feeling uncomfortable about discussing your budget in person, you can always call us. We treat our customers with the respect and care they deserve, no matter how they wish to proceed with the car buying process. We know that every driver’s situation is different. If you can not seem to find the time to stop in, you can easily find our credit applications on our website. They can then be pre-approved swiftly. We love discovering opportunities for our customers to take advantage of our Kia lease specials Florida.

Our Kia Finance staff will be happy to show you wat Kia Motor Finance can do for you.

Are you struggling to find a variety of new Kia cars for sale that hold your interest? Looking around your area for new and used vehicles you want for deals you can afford can be difficult to do. We want to keep auto financing easy and simple and offer plenty of great vehicles. Visit Family Kia in St. Augustine, FL, and let us help you on your journey for a great vehicle and a great Kia lease deal near you. We will be ecstatic to help you lease a Kia Optima for sale or another model of Kia vehicle for sale. Even though it seems like a long, drawn-out process to find Kia Sportage lease deals and offers, we will make it feel easy and fast. Our team of automotive finance experts offer years of expertise and knowledge when assisting our customers. You can relax with the knowledge that you are in good hands when shopping with our dealers near you. Whether you need help finding Kia lease specials Florida or you have just started your search for a vehicle, Family Kia is here to help.

Our Family Kia and our Kia dealers near you, you could get your dream car. We have a ton of amazing Kia vehicles for sale to explore, from the Kia Optima for sale to the Kia Sportage for sale and even more. We feel certain that we have the incredible Kia vehicle for sale that will easily fulfill your automotive wants and needs. From models with fuel efficiency to models that offer excellent performance, there are plenty of amazing vehicles to explore! Our Kia lease deals near you, and our variety of Kia cars for sale will easily help you get back on the road again. You can always call us or stop by to schedule any vehicle that you think would work well for you. Family Kia is ready to give you the best vehicle options.

White 2020 Kia Optima on road from exterior front passenger view

Kia Optima VS Honda Civic

Car Dealerships In St Augustine FL

Are you looking for great new Kia cars for sale near you? Then you are likely aware of the difficulty that some drivers find when shopping. Part of what makes shopping for new cars for sale is simply due to the huge variety there is for drivers to choose from. It can feel frustrating and confusing to try and compare a ton of different cars for sale to each other. But with Family Kia and our Kia car dealerships in St Augustine FL, it can be very easy. We can help drivers have an easy time explore vehicles like the Kia Optima for sale and more.

Family Kia and our Kia car dealers near you have been diligently serving drivers in Florida for a long time. Our Kia car dealers have proudly helped many drivers discover the Kia car for sale that they need. Our Kia car dealerships in St Augustine FL is home to a variety of new, used, and high-quality certified pre-owned Kia vehicles for sale. Our Kia car dealers near you not only strive to provide many amazing vehicles for sale, but we also do our best to provide affordability. We are proud to offer frequent special offers to take advantage of, as well as many other competitive deals. At Family Kia, we are very certain that we can provide you with the easy and stress-free car shopping experience that you have always wanted. Visit our Kia car dealerships in St Augustine FL today to see what we offer.

It can often be challenging to sort through all of the different makes and models of cars for sale there is to choose from. Two models of cars that have captured the intrigue of thousands of drivers are the Kia Optima for sale and the Honda Civic for sale. The Kia Optima for sale and the Honda Civic for sale are both incredible vehicles for sale, but which one would be right for you? The Kia Optima for sale can pump out an impressive 195 horsepower, while the Honda Civic only offers around 162 horsepower. The Kia Optima for sale is also respectably efficient, offering a 27 City/ 37 Highway fuel economy. The Honda Civic for sale offers a very slightly higher fuel economy of 31 City/ 40 Highway. Both models also offer Rack Pinion steering, which provides you with excellent control and handling.

The Kia Optima for sale is also widely sought after for its wide range of infotainment features and options, as many other drivers feel that the Honda Civic falls behind in that regard. Although both of these models appear to be quite comparable with each other, the Kia Optima for sale goes further with its horsepower, fuel economy, and features.

If you would like to know more about the Kia Optima for sale or get into one of your own, then allow Family Kia to help. We will be happy to show you what these Kia cars for sale can do for you.

2021 Optima in St. Augustine

2020 Kia Optima from top passenger side

2021 Kia Optima

As we all start getting excited for the new 2021 Kia Optima to be released. Kia has been completely redesigned for the 2021 release date! It has a new, bolder exterior and added luxurious details to the interior. It also has a new standard base for all the 2020 models. Even though it hasn’t been confirmed yet, the fifth-generation Optima could be named K5 in the states. There is talk about it also being available with all-wheel drive for the first time! Our dealership, Family Kia, is located in St. Augustine and has been serving the surrounding areas for years now. We can give you answers to the questions that you have about the Kia Optima trim levels.

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Kia Optima for Sale

front view of white kia optima on street

Kia St. Augustine Used Cars

If it’s time for you to purchase a newer vehicle, that won’t be a hindrance to your daily life? We know that too many people drive cars that are constantly needing repairs, or maybe it isn’t big enough for their luggage and family members. If so, you have most likely realized that you have overgrown your use for this car. Your next step is to find a vehicle that is better suited for your lifestyle now! It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for one that gets excellent gas mileage, has modern features, or more seating, we can help you find that car.

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kia optima apple carplay monitor

How to connect your 2019 Kia Optima to Apple CarPlay

The 2019 Kia Optima holds the distinction of coming standard with Apple CarPlay, the worldwide infotainment system specifically designed to pair with your iPhone. Apple CarPlay gives drivers access to calling, music, navigation, messaging, iBooks, podcasts, and more, all without ever having to hold their phone. Keep reading to learn how to connect your iPhone to your Kia Optima.  Read the rest of this entry >>

2019 midsize sedans Kia Optima Nissan Altima Toyota Camry Hyundai Sonata Honda Accord

See Why Kia Optima is the Best 2019 Midsize Sedan on the Market!

2019 Kia Optima vs. Toyota Camry, Nissan Altima, Honda Accord, Hyundai Sonata

The 2019 Kia Optima is another in a line of excellent midsize Kia sedans, with a design that borrows from the Kia Stinger sports car, performance that is more than enough to dominate the morning commute or a road trip, and fuel economy that saves you plenty at the pump! Compare the Kia Optima to its peers in the midsize sedan class, the 2019 Honda Accord, 2019 Hyundai Sonata, 2019 Nissan Altima and 2019 Toyota Camry in our comparison guide!

Research Now: Kia Model Menu

Test Drive a 2019 Kia Optima

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