right-front view of red kia soul driving

Is the Kia Soul classified as an SUV? 

The Kia Soul is one of the most uniquely designed vehicles in the Kia lineup. Its boxy-style is still remarkably fresh and sporty, but it may leave you wondering what kind of vehicle it is. Is it a hatchback? Is it an SUV? The Kia Soul is officially classified as a subcompact crossover SUV. Seems logical, right? The Soul is certainly larger than a car but not quite as big as a regular SUV. Keep reading to learn more about its size and interior space dimensions.  Read the rest of this entry >>

android phone at front of car

What does Android Auto do?

Over the last ten years or so, infotainment systems have become all the rage in our vehicles. If your new car doesn’t have some kind of infotainment system, you really aren’t getting the most out of your car. Android Auto is a smartphone-oriented infotainment system available on all new Kia models. What does it do and who is it for? Continue reading to learn more.  Read the rest of this entry >>

driver next to golf ball on tee

Golf courses near Jacksonville FL 

Summer is in full swing, which means it’s time to get out on the fairway (or in the rough) if you haven’t already. Even if you get frustrated, a day out on the golf course is almost always a good time. You get to enjoy the outdoors, drink some cold beverages, and spend time with family and friends. Learn more about a few of our favorite golf courses in the Jacksonville area below.  Read the rest of this entry >>