right rear view of red kia stinger

2019 Kia Stinger technology features

The Kia Stinger debuted in 2018 and was instantly popular due to its outstanding performance and unique style. The Kia lineup had never seen anything like it before, and it’s back for the 2019 model year. While we love the Stinger for its potent engine and impressive horsepower, here, we are taking a look at the technological perks that come with it instead. Keep reading to learn more. 

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What technological features come on the 2019 Kia Stinger? 

Modern technology has become more important now than ever before when it comes to our automobiles. We like to judge the quality of a car on its engine specs, but if it doesn’t also have some cool tech, we probably won’t be that interested. 

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto apple carplay interface in kia stinger

Both of these ever-popular smartphone-linked infotainment systems come standard on all trim levels of the 2019 Kia Stinger. Each system can pair with your compatible smartphone to give you access to certain apps like music, massaging, navigation and more. All of that is displayed on the car’s 7-inch touchscreen display. Shoppers can also upgrade to an 8-inch touchscreen with integrated navigation. 

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Safety technology

No matter what you drive, safety should be your top concern. The 2019 Stinger comes with modern available safety technologies like blind spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, parking distance warning, forward collision warning, and lane-keep assist. These features help you avoid collisions altogether but can also mitigate the damage of one that is inevitable. 

Wireless phone charging 

To bring the convenience to another whole level, an available wireless charging pad comes inside the Kia Stinger. Simply place your compatible devices on the tray and the pad charges them up. No more futzing with wires and cords and this allows you to stay connected during any long road trip. Come see what else the 2019 Kia Stinger includes for yourself! 

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