Josh Jacobs and young boy in front of 2021 Kia Seltos and football field

Kia Teams with Josh Jacobs to Raise Awareness for Homeless Youth

All-New Kia Seltos Featured in “Tough Never Quits” Super Bowl Ad

When the Super Bowl rolls around, brands spend a fortune to promote their company and products to the millions who gather to watch the game. Often times, companies take the opportunity to boast about a product, but this year, several brands took an opportunity to raise awareness about societal problems. Kia, for example, aired a commercial called “Tough Never Quits” to raise awareness about more than 42 million young people who face homelessness.

For its commercial, Kia teamed up with Oakland Raiders rookie running back, Josh Jacobs, who was homeless when he was young. The 60-second commercial features Jacobs driving the all-new 2021 Kia Seltos around his hometown, following a boy who represents a younger version of himself. He gives the boy advice to push himself in football and says: “Push yourself to be someone and I promise someday you will.” Watch the moving commercial and a short documentary about Jacobs’ life below!

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“Tough Never Quits” Commercial and Short Documentary        

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