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Helpful driving tips for teenagers

The feeling you get when you finally get your driver’s license is unlike anything else. You have more freedom and it’s a sign that you’re growing up. With driving comes a ton of responsibility. Let’s face it, driving a car can be a very dangerous thing to do. But if done correctly, you can drastically limit the dangers. Let’s go over some driving safety reminders for teens and new drivers. 

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3 reminders for teen drivers young driver being evaluated by instructor

Limit your passenger count 

Depending on your license restrictions, you may be required to do this by law anyway. Even if you aren’t, it’s a good idea to limit your passengers to just one or two. It can be tempting to pile your friends into your car, especially if you’re the only one who can drive, but that comes with many risks. Having too many people in your car leads to distractions. The noise and conversation are enough to take your attention off the road. Stick with one or two buddies to be as safe as possible. 

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Keep your phone silenced 

This goes for all drivers because texting and driving is a problem for everyone. It’s best to start this habit when you’re young, though. Ideally, you should turn your phone off and keep it in a place you can’t reach it like the back seat. At the very least, you should silence your phone to limit your temptations when you’re behind the wheel. 

Take it slow 

Always be aware of the speed limit. Speeding is, of course, dangerous, but it can also be costly. You wouldn’t want to get an expensive fine of a few hundred dollars, would you? A speeding ticket can also result in points taken off your license which can then lead to your license being revoked or suspended. Be smart out there and follow the rules. They are in place for a reason. 

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