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How can I maximize my fuel economy? 

This is a question asked by almost every driver in the world. Everyone wants a good fuel economy because a good fuel economy equals saving money. Even if you don’t drive a compact hybrid car, there are things you can do to improve your fuel economy. Keep reading to learn a few simple tips. 

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3 ways to improve your fuel economy 

Go easy on the gas pedal 

This may seem obvious, but too many people put the pedal to the metal at times that just don’t call for it. Pushing too hard on the throttle wastes gas. Gently press the gas pedal and gradually increase your speed. This way, you use only the amount of fuel you need and avoid as much waste as possible. 

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Keep your tires properly inflated green gas pump

Underinflated tires cause unnecessary drag on your car and this is one of the leading causes of hindered fuel efficiency. You should check your PSI levels every other week or so and adjust your inflation accordingly. Check the inside of your driver’s side door or your owner’s manual for the optimal inflation rate of each of your tires. 

Avoid prolonged idling 

Many of us like to start our car on cold mornings to let it warm up before we get in. This is not a good idea if you want to get the best fuel economy possible. Avoid idling whenever possible. It literally wastes fuel without you going anywhere and your mpg when you idle is 0. 

Other things you can do include tightening your gas cap, using the recommended oil type, and minimizing the amount of weight you carry. We hope these simple tips help your fuel economy! 

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