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Interior of 2020 Kia Sedona showing three rows of seating and skis

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As your local Kia dealer, we are going to take a second to talk about a used Kia Sedona. The Sedona is the Kia minivan that has been taking its time on the sidelines. With updated versions of rivals’ minivans coming out, they have dominated the headlines for a while. Other manufacturers have been adding features, small interior upgrades, or room for more luggage. In 2019, Kia decided to jump back into the family minivan game with an extraordinary update! When a Kia minivan is bought from Family Kia, it is considered a great investment. These minivans for sale are ones known as an attractive and well-rounded package for all family environments. Family Kia are your local Daytona car dealers with the minivans and used SUVs you want.

Kia Minivan

For the exterior, Kia designers wanted every used Kia Sedona to have more details to capture peoples’ attention! The minivan has a front fascia that received minor alterations to make a big impact! The rear has also been tweaked with new chrome pieces and a stylized bumper. All the headlights, front and rear, have been redesigned with LED lamps. That upgrade is now a standard for two of the six trim levels available at Family Kia. The SX and SXL of these used minivans for sale near you have those lights. The rear side-door handles on the mid-range EX trim level is also new. Trim levels above the EX now have a button to activate the sliding doors, so you don’t have to pull them open. Nothing is too small a feature to update, take the 17-, 18-, and 19-inch wheels, for example, because all have even gotten makeovers.

Seating arrangements remain very similar, with a choice between seven- or eight seats. A two-seat second will give you a choice to recline in the captain’s chairs with footrests too. If you pick the option with three-seats in the second row, it comes with a Slide-N-Stow feature. That means the seats can be pushed forward, out of the way to allow access to the cargo spaces under the floor.

If you are curious about safety features in the Sedona, it was already well equipped from previous years. Even then, the 2019 Kia minivan offers more! Things like forward-collision warning, the adaptive cruise control, and rear cross-traffic alerts. You will be able to see places you wouldn’t normally be able to with fantastic blind-spot monitoring and backup cameras. The Kia minivan has an additional driver feature for when the driver needs a break from the road. Lights will blink, and sound alerts will sound to suggest a break from the road if the driver seems tired and unfocused.

If you are curious about the offers currently available for this Kia Sedona, our Daytona car dealers will help. Our financial department can be a valuable source of data if you want help with Kia Motor Finance. Leasing a vehicle can be very different from buying and offers its own set of unique benefits. If you want to know more about the offers available, you can call or email our team.